4 Ideas For Quirky Wedding Music

The acts we feature on our website are designed to cater for a whole variety of needs.
However, we know that sometimes you want to stand out and be genuinely unique. Here’s a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


1. Crazy arrangements

Imagine a string quartet playing string arrangements of heavy metal songs for your Metallica-loving husband-to-be? Or a jazz quartet performing jazzed-up versions of ABBA tracks in a pop-themed wedding? Working out new arrangements for songs is a perfect way of combining your own musical taste with a traditional wedding feel. Say you’re renowned amongst your peers as a massive punk-rock fan; you could have any musician you want and rework all the best Sex Pistols and Buzzcocks tracks especially for your big day.

With talented jazz bands for hire, you could get the trio to perform a range of romantic tracks, reworked for your drinks reception. The possibilities are endless!

2. Unique Outfits

You might be surprised at how much your wedding musicians relish the thought of dressing up. Ok, not all of them. But they’re certainly more than willing to ditch the black tie look in exchange for something a little different. Perhaps you’re having a 70s-themed day and want the wedding string quartet to dress up ‘disco-style’ with bell-bottomed trousers with big-collared groovy shirts? Or maybe you’re part of the ever-growing hipster wedding movement? Not a problem! You provide the outfits and our acts will be more than happy to join in on the fun!

An angelic looking string group


3. Acts you never would’ve thought of

The acts featured on the Actual Music website are our headline featured acts. We don’t believe you need to see four different harpists who all do the same thing, or feature acts who will only interest one-in-a-thousand people who visit our site. However, that’s not to say we don’t know these acts. We have extensive nationwide networks in circles you might never have even thought of – so if you have something specific in mind, it’s worth giving us a call as we’ll probably be able to find what you’re looking for.

Have you ever thought about having a bagpiper dressed in the full celtic dress leading you into your ceremony or maybe your wedding breakfast? Or maybe a comedy musical act to keep everybody entertained during the lull after the meal? We know any number of wacky and crazy acts to kick off your evening do with a bang. So, if you’re after a live wedding band, singer or musician with a difference, contact us and prepare to be surprised.

Ever seen a bluegrass band at a wedding before?


4. Surprise your guests with your bridal entrance & first dance songs

Most of our acts take special requests as standard, so if you want something truly unique for your ceremonial entrance, choose a song which nobody else will have thought of (it’s harder than you think) – and get one of our amazing vocalists to sing it as you walk down the aisle. Whichever song, in whichever style, by whichever vocalist, we know this moment will stay with you forever – and we want it to be incredible. That’s why we’ll work with you to plan your wedding ceremony music to the finest detail, to ensure it’s a spine-tingling moment for everyone in the room. It’s what we do.

As evening falls and everyone is starting to loosen up, you may also want to consider a unique song for your first dance. All of our bands will learn a song of your choice especially for this emotional moment. Your guests are all gathered round, watching and cheering you on as you take to the dance floor with your significant other for the first time as a married couple. It’s a special moment, and an incredible live soundtrack of your favourite song can instantly escalate proceedings to a new level. It should be an amazing moment, so find a special and unique song to match!
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