4 Tips On How To Save Money For Your Wedding Entertainment

We know that your wedding day should be the most spectacular day of your life.

Here at DFC, we want to make sure the live music we supply provides the perfect backdrop for your special day. However, we also understand that everybody has a budget, and that hiring an unbelievable 8-piece function band with all the frills isn’t necessarily within everyone’s reach.

Having said that, we don’t believe that having a modest budget for your live wedding entertainment will compromise your experience in any way, and our services are suitable for weddings of all budgets. From a solo pianist for your drinks reception, to a full 3-act package throughout your day, you will receive our full attention and an exclusive tailored service.
We’ve come up with a few tips to help you save money and get the most bang for your buck for your special day.

Sometimes a big 8-piece band is out of range


1. Re-prioritise


We sometimes find that live music is fairly low down on the to-do-list when it comes to organising a wedding. Organising your special day can be a thankless task – endlessly going through suppliers to find the best options, co-ordinating an interweaving mass of timings and costs, and praying to God that it will all go perfectly to plan. From photographers, videographers and outfits to candy carts, flowers and seat covers – there are so many elements to consider.

At Actual Music, we believe that live music can make the difference on your big day. Of course, we would say that. But from creating a super-sophisticated ambience and aesthetic in the daytime, to providing an incredible soundtrack for your evening event, we know what a massive difference quality live musicians can make. So maybe it’s worth re-considering your priority list – sacrifice some of your budget elsewhere to invest in an outstanding all-day live music package.

2. Use the same musicians for different jobs


You might be surprised at how versatile the members of your evening band really are. Say you book a 7-piece function band for the evening. Did you consider that the keys player might be able to play some cocktail piano during your drinks reception, and then do a laid-back acoustic set with the lead singer during your wedding breakfast?
It’s a great way to save money on any wedding. You only pay for one set of travel costs and one set of meals, rather than two or three. When your guests first hear the duo, they won’t know they are part of the main wedding band until they recognise them up on stage at the party – and will be impressed as to how versatile they are!

Your drinks reception pianist could perform with a singer later in the day


3. Go for the smaller acts

It might seem obvious, but a great way to save money is to book acts with fewer members. Fewer members means fewer people to pay! Even if you had a modest budget of £400, you could get a pianist or harpist for your ceremony and your drinks reception for that price.

You may also like to consider cutting down the band size. Even our big 7 and 8 piece bands offer themselves in smaller line-ups, which allows you to have the band you really want at a more affordable price.

4. Package up

One of the great advantages of choosing DFC for your wedding entertainment is our package options. We can help you create a coherent theme with several acts throughout your whole day and evening. Our packages are tailor-made to suit your own needs – so combining our experience in planning and our extensive act network, we can help you choose a package perfect for you.

The other great thing about our packages is that they save you money! Choosing more than one act with us will initiate a discount from our list prices, which makes booking several acts to cover your whole event completely hassle-free and amazing value.

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