5 Reasons to Hire a Live Band for Your Big Day

Every bride and groom wants a wedding day to remember. While the venue, wedding cake and dress can provide compliments from your guests, instrumental wedding songs or piano wedding songs are the entertainment what will make your big day truly remarkable. Below, you’ll find five reasons why you should hire a live band for your wedding day.

Hire a Live Band

1. To create a fun, lively mood

Having a live band at your wedding helps to create a fun mood for your celebration. String quartet wedding songs are extremely popular, as are wedding DJ songs. At your wedding reception, why not hire a string quartet to play contemporary songs that your guests will love? Alternatively, you could hire a string quartet to provide music during the drinks reception and welcome your guests as they arrive. The added bonus of creating a fun mood with live music is that you don’t have the worry of a technical hitch – like you might with a DJ.

2. It’s more intimate

A live band is perfect for creating a feeling of intimacy. Regardless of whether you’re having a small ceremony or a big wedding, a live band creates a personal touch as they feel like part of the team. Many weddings have a DJ to entertain guests, however, a live band offers a more personal touch – as they can be part of the whole event. A live band can be integrated into your wedding as you choose. You may prefer to have classical songs for weddings played during the ceremony itself, as part of your dinner, or as evening entertainment. Whatever you decide, a live band will enhance the ambience of your big day to ensure you have a wedding to remember.

3. You can save money

Did you know that it’s actually affordable to hire a live band for your wedding? By hiring a live band for all of your entertainment requirements, you don’t need to hire separate musicians for your big day. A live band can provide wedding instrumental songs for breakfast, music at the ceremony and reception and even wedding DJ songs for the evening festivities. You will only need to budget for one entertainment package, rather than several. It will also keep your wedding theme flowing throughout the day too.

4. A live band can cater to your theme

Planning an outdoor wedding? Perhaps your wedding day has a vintage theme? A live band will cater towards your chosen wedding theme, whatever that may be. Think about how out of a place a DJ would be at a vintage wedding. A live band works perfectly, as the music can be tailored towards your plans, whether you prefer wedding piano songs or instrumental wedding ceremony songs. Even if your wedding has a modern theme, a live band can play contemporary songs to entertain your guests.

5. Live entertainment creates emotion

Live music during your ceremony or wedding celebration can evoke emotion in a way that other entertainment cannot. A live quartet playing your classical wedding songs during the ceremony will make your wedding truly romantic. Alternatively, if a live band is providing evening entertainment, your guests will be enthralled with high energy music.

5 Reasons to Hire a Live Band for Your Big Day

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