5 Unusual Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Unusual wedding entertainment will get your guests talking for days to come, and it will make your big day even more spectacular. There are many unique wedding reception ideas that you can consider – however, if you really want to pull out all the stops, take a look at our five unusual wedding entertainment ideas as a source of inspiration.

Wedding Entertainment

1. Hire a magician

A magician is a great source of evening wedding entertainment, especially if you have young guests. However, don’t forget that magic can also be aimed at your older guests too. If your guest list is more mature, then illusions and daring magic acts are the way to go. These will really impress the audience and give them something to remember. Stick to traditional magic for a younger audience, as they will really love simple tricks that are easy to understand.

2. Party games

Keep your wedding guests entertained by incorporating party games into your wedding reception. These unique wedding entertainment ideas may involve an understated game, such as a crossword – or if you want to really get the party started, opt for Twister, large Jenga, or giant Connect 4. Party games are a unique wedding reception idea and are perfect for getting the evening’s festivities started. They’re fun for all the family, and you can follow with music or another form of entertainment.

3. A mini funfair

A mini funfair is ideal wedding entertainment, especially if you’re planning an outdoor summer wedding. Hire a bouncy castle, small funfair rides, and carnival games and have several ice cream and popcorn stands to keep your guests enthralled. You and your guests will never be bored with a funfair, and you’re guaranteed to receive compliments. You could also hire an outdoor photo booth or host lawn games – with a section just for your younger guests to keep them out of mischief.

4. Cocktail classes and wine tasting

Alcohol is sure to be a feature on your big day, so why not incorporate that into your wedding reception? Some unusual wedding entertainment ideas may include holding a cocktail class or wine tasting event for your guests as an interactive form of entertainment that will keep them engaged all night long. Create your own special beverages, taste delicious and refreshing wines, or even hold a contest for the best cocktail created on the night.

5. Live music

A wedding reception wouldn’t be the same without live music in some form. Live music enhances the ambience of the evening, all while creating a personal touch for you and your guests. Live music can be unusual wedding entertainment. You can be creative with live entertainment by holding a dance off for you and your guests, have a dance lesson, have a surprise first dance to wow your guests, or co-ordinate your waiters to sing along with the live music. The possibilities are endless with live music as you can be as creative as you like.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

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