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At Actual Music, we love working in the wedding industry. From the planning stages through to the last dance, we’re on hand to help create a day you’ll never forget – and we’re not alone! We’ve been speaking to wedding photographer David Walters from dW Photography to find out just what it is he loves about weddings.

1. What’s your favourite thing about being part of someone’s wedding day?


My style of wedding photography is documentary, so 95% of the day is shot candidly with no direction or control on my part. For me, it is all about capturing real moments of love and affection between the couple and their family and friends throughout the wedding day. So the ultimate is a shot of the ‘look of love’ between the couple during the ceremony. This usually happens when they pull away from each other after the kiss; when the marriage vows are complete.

I want to capture real moments that will trigger a powerful memory for the client in years to come. So on a personal level, photographing weddings is very rewarding as I have captured something of real emotional value for my clients.

2. What was your favourite wedding theme to photograph?

I photographed a wedding which was not actually themed in the sense of room decorations, but it was very unusual as the groom was pagan and wanted a Celtic pagan ceremony. I’m a big fan of Celtic history and the beautiful artwork and knotwork, so I was honoured to photograph such a beautiful ceremony. One of the traditions is that the groom cannot look at another woman before he sets eyes on his fiance, so he has to wear a blindfold. There was also a ceremonial sword which was part of the ceremony!

3. Do you have a favourite wedding venue?

I really enjoy shooting at the West Tower in Aughton, Lancashire as the staff are so helpful and friendly.The ceremony room has lots of natural light too which makes the photographs look ace.
For sheer ‘wow’ factor though, Crewe Hall is my favourite, you can get some amazing portraits there.

4. What essential kit do you carry in your camera bag?

I use two camera bodies with prime lenses and have the full complement; 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm all f1.4. I also use radio triggers with 2 flash units for my portraits, and use a grid light modifier for most of my shots. I only went prime last autumn and was using the Nikon 24-70 f2.8 and the 70-200 f2.8 up to that point. I am so glad I switched to primes as the ‘look’ of the photograph using primes is amazing. Also I don’t need to use flash now in the evening even in the winter. So it makes me a lot more ‘invisible’ and better able to capture candid moments.

5. Do you prefer photographing the bridal party in or outdoors?


I don’t spend a lot of time doing formal shots of the bridal party, it’s really a case of where the best light is!

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