Artists By DFC: Your Further Information Request Form

We understand that you don’t always have all the final information at the time of booking, so we’ve created a further information form which helps you to let us know all of the fine details of the event, like timings and any special repertoire requests.

Here’s a handy guide to walk you through each step:

Full Venue Address:

There may be occasions where we don’t have the full address of the venue. Please enter it here to make sure our artists arrive at the right venue!

Artist Arrival Time:

This is the time the artist will arrive at the venue. For a daytime performer, please allow at least an hour before the ceremony (or arrival at the venue, if your ceremony is elsewhere). Similarly, if your artist is performing during the wedding breakfast or during the room turnaround, please allow an hour for the artist to set up.

If your artist is performing during the evening, they will usually arrive as the wedding breakfast is finishing and load in while the venue turns the room around – in this case please give the artist arrival time as the time where the wedding breakfast is due to finish.
If the evening reception is in a separate room, and the artist is able to load in while you are having your meal, you’re welcome to list the artist arrival time accordingly.

Artist To Be Set Up By:

This is usually the time where guests arrive so the performers can be as discreet and professional as possible. In the case of an evening artist, usually this time is the same time as the evening guests arrive.
Please note most bands need 60-90 mins set up/soundcheck time so it’s usually a good idea to keep guests out of the room where possible.

If you’re unsure if the artist will have enough time to set up, please contact DFC HQ and we can clarify for you.

Artist Performance Times:

This is the time you’d like the artists to perform. In the case of a daytime artist, this will be inline with your timings on the day, so please consult your venue if you’re unsure.

For evening artists, we usually recommend the band performing a first set from first dance onwards and a second set after evening food has been served. Usually we recommend having a first dance between 8 and 8.30.

Performance Context Within Event:

This is to let us know when the artist will be performing – please detail ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast, room turnaround or evening do (or if you’d like the sets spread over two parts i.e. ceremony & drinks reception, please write it here).

Approx Number of Guests Attending:

This will allow us to make sure we have the right equipment suitable for your venue and the amount of guests. An estimation is fine.

First Dance Request:

If you’re having an evening artist, they will usually be able to learn your first dance song if you’d like them to perform it. Most of the time this will be fine, as long as the band have enough notice and the song suits the vocalist/instrumentalists.

If you’d like the band to perform it, please enter it here.

Special Repertoire Requests:

If you’ve seen the band’s repertoire and there are certain songs you’d definitely like them to include (or definitely like to exclude), please write them here.
If the artist is performing at your ceremony, please let them know your bespoke choices for Bridal Entrance, Signing of The Register and Bride & Groom Exit.

Preferred Balance Payment Method:

Your balance payment will usually be direct to the artist or the artist management company.

You can pay by either bank transfer 7 days before the event or Cash/Cheque on the day. Let us know which you’d prefer and we’ll send you the invoice accordingly.

Parking/Loading Restrictions:

If your venue has any difficulties with parking or unloading into the venue, please detail them here.

Any Other Notes/Comments:
If there’s anything else we should know about, please let us know here. Sometimes it can be useful to detail the full timings of the day and a contact for the band on the day. Anything you think is useful for us to know.

We will always review the information you provide and will contact you if there are any issues.

Please remember, if you have any queries about the above, please don’t hesitate to contact Artist Manager Jamie on or 01772 733337.

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