Live Wedding Music: Lancashire’s Finest

Everything about your wedding day should be perfect. If you’re like most people, you’ll be thinking about every little detail right down to the colour of your cake’s icing. When you’re planning your big day, one of the most important things to consider is how the wedding sounds. You may want to hear the subtle, plucking sounds of a romantic harpist as you sway, or enjoy a folky jig as the sun sets. Whatever mood you’re looking for, when it comes to wedding entertainment, Lancashire has a variety of acts available to perform on the day.

It couldn’t be easier to get inspired and find the perfect sound. At DFC, we’ve helped couples of all tastes create amazing ambience through music – and if you’d like to do the same on your wedding day, the first step is to find an act that suits you.


Nothing says good old-fashioned romance like the traditional, beautiful sounds of a piano – and when it comes to finding a skilled and versatile wedding pianist, Lancashire has a lot to offer. Jamie Turner is an accomplished and versatile musician with a broad repertoire – delivering an expert blend of contemporary favourites and all-time classics to give your wedding the soundtrack it deserves.



For a uniquely romantic sound, the harp is the ideal instrument – offering a classical sound that will transport your wedding guests back to an era of Greek decadence and love. Our resident harpist, Elinor Nicholson, has performed in small, intimate spaces and prestigious venues alike – so if you’re looking for a harpist in the North West, your search is over.

Singers and guitarists

A guitar can offer warm, familiar sounds you’ve heard before, including your favourite contemporary hits – but it also lends itself beautifully to softer folk or country songs which are ideal for a rustic wedding’s soundtrack. When it comes to choosing a wedding singer, Lancashire is home to some of the best talent you’ll find anywhere – for example, the skilful Daniel Ross, an entertainer from Liverpool. His soothing combination of harmonica and guitar is guaranteed to make your wedding a serene and tranquil experience for all involved.

Are you looking for something to surprise your guests at your Lancashire wedding? Laura James could be the ideal choice. Think of Joni Mitchell singing your favourite hit from The Cure – with a vibrant repertoire reworked to suit her enchanting voice, your wedding will be one to remember. For all your favourite hits revived and reinvented, Laura is a safe bet.


If you’re looking for a wedding band in Lancashire and can’t resist the sound of strings, this can also be arranged. The Elkhart Quartet are an experienced and versatile group providing a range of sounds for many different moods. Ideal for a traditional service, the band consists of four highly trained musicians experienced in performing with professional orchestras across the country.

Swing, jazz and soul

If you’re looking for something a little more upbeat, the genres of swing, jazz and soul could be the key to your dream wedding soundtrack. To complement a lively service with an equally energetic performer, Nicholas James Gunn is your man. Nicholas will make your wedding an unforgettable night for everyone involved, keeping the crowd entertained all night long.


Made your mind up? If you’re getting married in Lancashire and you’ve settled on the soundtrack for you, give us a call on 01772 733337 or email us at Alternatively, if you’re still planning the big day, you can check out our blog for all the wedding inspiration you’ll need on the countdown to your ceremony.

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