Unique Proposal Ideas: Thinking Outside of the Ring Box

Asking your boyfriend or girlfriend to spend the rest of their life with you is one of the most romantic moments you can share. If you want to surprise your partner with an incredible proposal, then why not take their breath away with something you will both remember? Thinking of ways to propose can be challenging, but if you want to get down on one knee in spectacular fashion, then consider our unique proposal ideas.


Get your friends and family involved

What better way to ask for your partners hand in marriage than by including your family and friends? These unique proposal ideas could include making a video – incorporating them into it by sharing funny stories of your partner. Alternatively, why not make a comedy video by re-enacting scenes from your partners favourite comedy show? Demonstrate your creative side by using props too!

Use your pets for your proposal ideas

Who could say no to an adorable dog or cat? Using your pet is a truly unique way to propose. You could put the proposal or ring on their collar, put a cute board around their neck with the marriage proposal on it, or even get the words printed on an outfit for them.

Photo booth ideas

Who would expect a marriage proposal while taking a photograph? If you want to capture the moment you ask your partner to marry you on camera, then this unique proposal idea is perfect. Simply, pull out the ring box during your photo session and completely surprise your partner! It’s a simple idea, yet one that will be remembered for years to come.

Marriage proposal ideas involving coffee

If your partner loves a hot beverage, then why not propose with their favourite drink? It’s a fun and cute idea that doesn’t require too much expense or planning. Have the proposal sprinkled on top of their coffee, or buy a mug with the words ‘will you marry me?’ written at the bottom, so when they finish their coffee, they’ll be surprised with a proposal.

A treasure hunt is a beautiful way to propose

A treasure hunt is a fun way to propose, especially if you partner likes adventure. Ways to propose could include creating clues on cards – so at the end of the hunt, they find the engagement ring. You could plan a treasure hunt around your home, in the outdoors, or around your local city. Instead of clues, you could also create maps or visuals to make the treasure extra fun for your partner.

Unique proposal ideas with food

Food is a great tool to use when proposing, as it’s when your partner will least expect it. You could make a piñata cake and put the engagement ring in the middle, place the proposal in the centre of a fortune cookie, or spell the words out in icing on a cupcake.

Using music

If you’re searching for a really personal proposal idea, create your own song and perform it for your partner. Alternatively, why not use a live band or musician to serenade your partner as you propose?

Unique Proposal Ideas

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